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PTanFMC: Executive Health Screening Packages

Physical Examination and Health Screening Packages Singapore

PTanFMC provides a world-class health screening service for all across Singapore - from a variety of health screening packages to suit your needs to providing a detailed medical report with a full explanation of the results.
Have you noticed that you are growing weaker and more tired as days go by?
Do you have persistent pain or discomfort that has been bothering you?
Or have you been losing sleep over the current state of your health?
Detect potential health issues and address your worries by going for regular health screenings!
Having a physical examination will help you a lot more than you think.
Regular health screenings allow you to know your body better - you'll be able to get peace of mind from all the ailments that bother you.
Your health screening results will tell you everything that is wrong, from chronic fatigue, backaches to high blood pressure, allowing you to address all your health concerns.
Our health screening packages at PTanFMC will also inform you of all the risk factors within your lifestyle.
Don't ignore the signals your body is sending out.
Contact us today for our exclusive health screening packages!

What is health screening?

Health screenings are check-ups for the early detection of diseases and illnesses.
These are especially important for patients with a family history of chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure as well as certain types of cancer.
Regardless of your family history, lifestyle diseases require early detection in order to maintain your well being.
Ranging from blood, urine and stool tests, to an electrocardiogram and eye screening, we promise to ensure comfortable, convenient and comprehensive health screening package options.
Unfortunately, the idea of health screening often intimidates prospective patients and clients.
But why the fear of doing a health screening ?
We understand how heartbreaking and frustrating it is to hear bad news. Especially when you would like the health of a loved one - or yourself - to be in top tier condition.
Our executive health screenings will ensure early detection of diseases so that you have the opportunity to make lifestyle changes and get the necessary treatment in order to prevent further progression of diseases and thus maintain your well-being.
Your wellbeing is exceptionally important to us.
That's why PTanFMC offers patients in Singapore a fast and comfortable health screening experience.

Who is qualified for our health screening packages?

Everyone - and anyone.

Clients with health risks are important - just as much as those with health concerns or those who appear relatively healthy.

It is our promise to deliver health screening packages in a comfortable setting and excellent quality service.

PTanFMC health screening packages cover everything and anything you need within an affordable price range.

It will go by smoothly and quickly - and you will be able to go home or back to work immediately after the screening without feeling any discomfort.

Why burden yourself by paying excessively for health screening at private hospitals when you can save money and time at PTanFMC?

We will offer health screening tests for everyone in Singapore - all you have to do is book an appointment today!

What should I do before my health screening?

Before your health screening, we advise you to abide by the following :

  1. Get 6-8 hours of sleep

Having enough sleep will regulate the following:

  • blood pressure

  • heartbeat

  • body temperature

The last thing you need is an inaccurate health screening report, right?

Be sure to be fully rested before your check-up so we can assess you in top tier condition!

2. Fast for at least 10 hours before your health screening

This is important for your blood cholesterol and sugar test for diabetes.

Don't worry, you are allowed to drink plain water! But no sweet drinks like Kopi Peng or any food until your screening appointment is over!

Fasting is also very important for patients going for ultrasound abdomen and pelvic ultrasound.

Not sure about what else you need to do before the screening?

Just contact our friendly staff to get the details straightened out before your health check!

3. Wait 7 days after menstruation for more accurate results

If you are currently menstruating, please inform our staff. Please take note that during menstruation, the blood produced may provide inaccurate results. Thus, your doctor may not be able to detect true abnormalities during the check-up.

You will be advised not to provide urine and stool samples if you're having your period.

A PAP smear is also not advisable.

Once your menstruation is over by at least 7 days, our staff will schedule the health screening for the following:

  • Urine test

  • Stool test

  • Pap smear

What else do I need to know before my health screening?

  1. Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment

  2. Patients with heart diseases and high blood pressure are advised to take their medication after the blood test

  3. Female patients should also inform staff if they are or are likely to be pregnant as this would make X-rays unsuitable.

We advise you to bring the following documents for your visit:

  1. Personal identifications for validation purposes

  2. Documents that show your medical history and current health status

  3. List of medications currently being taken to maintain your health condition (this includes medicines for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, immunosuppressants, et cetera)

Your well-being is greatly important to us. We ensure high-quality and affordable health screening packages for this very reason.

Take a look at the health screenings we offer!

Important notice:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or conditions, please exercise caution and postpone your health screening appointment :

  • Fever

  • Dry cough

  • Fatigue

  • Body aches and pain

  • Sore throat

  • Diarrhoea

  • Headache

  • Loss of smell/taste

  • Breathing difficulties/shortness of breath

  • Chest pain (pressure in your chest)

At the same time, if you have some or all of the above symptoms, you are strongly advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

You should postpone your appointment and consult the doctor at PTANFMC regarding these symptoms in order to receive the necessary treatment.

Once you have fully recovered, you may make another appointment for a health screening.

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